Monday, November 12, 2007

The Record.

So here it is. The songs we recorded for the ill-fated 12", then 10", then 7", then CD. This is what happens when four broke morons decide to put out a record: an album cover and some AAC files.
Luckily for you, they're free this way and they fucking RIP.

Click on the album cover and download that shit.

They're AAC/m4a files, not mp3s. iTunes & shit will play them no prob.

Hope y'all dig these jams.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

End It.

That's a wrap dudes & dames. After a painfully long an marvelously decadent career, we've decided to put the Communion to bed. I think I speak for all four of us when I say it was a swell time, we hung with some terrific lads & lasses, played with some bands we love & recorded the finest 6 songs no one has ever heard. [If anyone would like a copy of said masterpiece, I will happily burn CDs or email AAC files]

Thanks to folks who dug the band, those who put on shows, lent gear, wore shirts, gave drink tickets, requested Face to Face covers, etc. Much appreciated.

Guaranteed we'll all be in new bands playing shows by Xmas, so look forward to that. Don't look forward to the inevitable break-up of those new bands some time before next Fall.

We ruled.


Monday, October 1, 2007

Sexy Times.

Our first show at the hallowed Dominion Tavern may have been our best yet. Perhaps not technically, as we were frighteningly under-rehearsed, but fun-wise, rad-crowd-wise, new-song-wise, it fucking rocked balls.

We opened the show, followed by the complete mind-bomb that is Gunsmoke. I'd never seen these cats before and they fucking ripped. The lead guitarist (whose name escapes me - I apologize) is a goddamned wizard and certainly proceeded to make a monkey out of me. The other lads in the band were phenomenal as well.
The Fucking Machines were obviously pure radicality. This show was their record release party, so if you weren't there, you should go grab a copy. Whether or not it was actually their last show, I didn't catch. There was some drunken stage mumbling about it, and then talk of them playing again at Xmas. Let's hope it's the latter.
[The following picture captures the end result of Hayden's immediate beer-pounding after our set coupled with The Fucking Machines covering a Bad Brains song]

Our next show will be Halloween Hardcore at Babylon featuring ourselves and bunch of old & new friends' bands. It's a killer time every year, so prolly you should go. I know you're suposed to take your little niece out trick-or-treating, but just put on the Scooby Doo movie, hand her the bowl of Bulk Barn loot bags you hand-assembled and head over to the show. Seriously, she'll be fine.
Here's a video of The Fucking Machines. It's a bit dark, but you'll get the idea. Old dudes moshing.
Thanks to Jessica for taking the pictures/shooting the videos.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ex-Mushroom Explosion!

It's been far too long. Moving & schooling & working & bullshit have been slight deterrents in the LC camp. However, now that shit has settled down a bit, we are ready to reclaim the limelight we briefly occupied before our lengthy (well, a month or two) hiatus. Since our last show we've done a 6 song record, one song which we've not played live yet and will be unveiling at The Fucking Machines' LP release show at the Dominion Tavern on September 29th. Note the flashy poster above. I know you'd planned on seeing Teenage Head that night but come on. Don't you think our show will be a bit more important in punk's magnificent chronology than seeing some Flaming Groovies-inspired Canadian punk icons for what'll likely be the last time? No, huh? Good call. Still, you can prolly see both.

So bring some money, buy a Fucking Machines LP, buy our CD, buy whatever Gunsmoke's selling, buy some delicious beers and have a swell time.

Oh ya, and buy the new Red Dons record 'Death to Idealism'. Seriously.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Hope in a sea of hopelessness.

Here you go world. The first taste of the five star meal that is the Last Communion EP.
What's that? You recognize this footage from different punk documentaries and such? Ya, I just spliced together some rad shit I had on the ol' DVD shelf over the song. I thought it'd be more interesting than an mp3.
Anyway, we hope you dig this shit. We're all smiles over the finished product. In a few days we'll send the songs off to the pressing plant so we can all hold that 7" gem in our hands together.

Hayden's relocating to Toronto this week, so wish him well if you see him. His moving won't affect Last Communion's existence - we'll just be jamming less frequently - so don't don't go spiralling into an irreparable depression or anything.

Emmanuel will be on tour with Buried Inside in the next couple of weeks, opening for the lovely gentlemen in Coliseum at various venues in Ontario & Quebec. Check that shit out. Hayden & I (Dave) will be there lifting shit and slinging BI swag, too.

Go see Radio Birdman.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Everyone's caving in.

We've just finished recording our first EP. 7 tracks of furious, occasionally sensitive, somewhat introspective, often fist-pump inspiring punk rock that will inevitably have toes a-tappin' and fingers a-poppin'. Or you'll just be all "Ya, it's cool. Yo, you hear that new Pissed Jeans?" No dude, I haven't. Regardless, we're quite pleased at how it turned out and many thanks to Jay for his expert knob-twiddling. Thanks to Andrew Carver at National Capital Rock for taking the above picture, as well.
Once mixing and shit is done I'll post a track or two for folks to lend an ear to. Still ironing out the details of how the record will be put out, but the gears are in motion, people.
No shows on the horizon just yet. There'll be something in July at some point, I'm sure.

Statues' "New People Make Us Nervous" is the fucking bees knees.

Friday, May 25, 2007

You've got a lot of questions for me.

To say that last night's show was a success would be a ridiculous understatement. Not only was the M$M set the best I've seen, but Hostage Life and Knucklehead also destroyed. Add the fucking towering inferno that is Last Communion to that mix and you've got one hell of a barn-burner.
We're completely out of the first run of LC shirts, but we'll have more at the next show. More colours and sexier, sultrier designs. When is the next show, you ask? I have no clue. I'm sure we'll hop onto some bill and leave the audience looking like they'd collectively jammed a giant paperclip into a gargantuan wall outlet.
There's also been further discussion about the Last Communion 7"/10"/whatever. There's a business meeting of some kind in the works. This cannot happen soon enough.
Anyway, thanks to Brad & Luke for tossing us on last night's show, and thanks to the other bands, particularly the Marxists for letting us borrow some gear. Huge thanks to Chris De La Farrell for recording the watchable masterpiece located at the top of my ramblings.
New Tranzmitors LP. Look into it.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Wake up to the real deal.

That's right dames & fellas, we've got shirts. We're gonna have an astounding 10 shirts for sale at the M$M/Hostage Life show tonight, and they're ghetto as hell, so they'll be very reasonably priced. We're talking VERY reasonably. Like go and sell both of your Hawthorne Heights CDs for $4 each and you can afford one. It's a good move.
Designed & handcrafted by Emmanuel & myself while listening to Kill the Musicians and eating Kettleman's. It was a delightful afternoon. Random sizes, white & yellow, occasional smudge-marks.
Limited edish. New designs for the next show.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

LC vs. M$M & more

Ya, I know that's a picture of RKL and not Last Communion, but I'm not at home and there's no scan of the upcoming show flyer yet, so here's what you get. A killer old shot of one of the greatest bands of all time. RIP Jason, Bomer and Derrick.
Anyhow, we're playing our first non-End Hits show this week with our pals the Million Dollar Marxists, as well as Toronto's Hostage Life and a couple of other bands. It'll be followed by the weekly Rock N Roll Pizza Party at which Emmanuel and I (Dave) will be sharing Emmanuel's usual DJ spot. It should be swell.
The show is all ages and starts at like dinner time or something, so why not just come on out. You'll be home nice and early, probably. We might even have actual shirts at this show, although chances are we're gonna make like 10 of them and only sell 2 or 3...if we're lucky. May 24th @ Babylon. $7, I do believe. It starts at 6 or 7. Hopefully 7.
In other news, even after numerous attempts to pin down a date to record, we have not pinned down a date to record. It's happening in June. That's for goddamned sure. Then hopefully we can weasel our way onto to some out of town shows.
In related news, Handsome Hayden Menzies will be showing his art at Artguise on Bank St. starting May 25th. Get on down there and spend some of your parents' money. This shit is genius. Also, METZ (featuring LC rhythm wizards Hayden and Chuckington Saso) will be playing at this year's NXNE festival in Toronto on June 7th. A guaranteed ass-shaker.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

We thought we had it sussed.

After the Bouncing Souls/Strike Anywhere/The Loved Ones/Static Radio NJ show last night End Hits Records hosted an afterparty featuring the one and only Last Communion opening for a visibly exhausted but stoked-as-hell Loved Ones. The show was the fucking best time ever and we played what was undoubtedly our best set so far. Immediately afterwards, Hayden even vomited on the street, like a hobo. He was that excited...or that full of Kettleman's.
Mad thanks to End Hits again and to everyone who came out, and especially to The Loved Ones for making a lot of dudes' and chicks' night. Killer times. They were super nice dudes who were insanely appreciative about borrowing our gear. I was pumped to get to hang with Dave Hause and Dav from The Loved Ones/The Explosion (picture #3 up there) and Hayden even got to seriously nerd it up drum-style with TLO's Mike Sneeringer as pictured in last last shot above.
Nothing too exciting on the horizon just yet, but I think we're gonna try and swing some Toronto and Montreal shit soon enough, so check back with regularity.

Here's a video of us covering Husker Du's "The Girl Who Llives On Heaven Hill". It was immediately after this that Hayden hit the streets for a good purging. Thanks to the lovely Jessica Gilmore for recording it. What a fox.

Oh ya, check out the Red Dons. They're the new Observers band and they fucking destroy.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Take the manic ride.

So it looks like we got a somewhat ambiguous review in Toronto's 'EXCLAIM!' newspaper concerning our performance at the End Hits birthday bash. Did the dude who wrote it actually like our band? Who knows? Also, who gives a fuck? We're actually pretty pumped about it. We fucking destroyed that show and apparently did some serious aural damage at the same time. That's all we can hope for, isn't it? Some other bands played that day, too.
We're gonna try and line up some more rad shit for the summer months and hopefully put our collection of 2-minute masterpieces to tape, as well. It'll be a mind-bomb, naturally.
There's some Last Communion artwork in the works c/o our handsome friends at Doublenaut, so I'll post some of that shit when it's ready to roll. We should have some rudimentary merch at some point, too.
Until then, listen to Blitz, watch Pick of Destiny and save your pennies for our swag.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Something that may never come to you.

Yes, it's true, we covered 'Disconnected' by Face to Face. A risky move? Perhaps. The payoff? Mediocre at best. The 3 dudes singing along were pretty pumped, though. Orphan Choir were radical and seeing old Jim Meloche again was a lovely little treat, especially for Emmanuel who still gets misty-eyed at the mention of anything Windsor-related, particularly the rub & tugs. One time I got a Dirtbombs CD at Dr. Disc in Windsor for like $1 or something.
We're playing at End Hits yet again this Saturday, as we are now the End Hits house band. When it inevitably becomes an Irish pub we will regale you with Spirit of the West covers and perhaps a saucy rendition of 54-40's 'Ocean Pearl'. Until then you'll have to deal with anthemic punk jams.
Saturday March 10th, End Hits Anniversary Party. Be there at noon-ish or something.
Paul Galipeau is the fucking man. It's not up for debate.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

One down.

So the first show was killer, no surprise there. Mostly thanks to Lords, of course. Good dudes who made us look a touch inadequate. Regardless, it was a rad time. We've got another spectacle planned for the 4th of March with Windsor's Orphan Choir
and it should be just lovely. We've also got the End Hits birthday party the following weekend, so you should try and make it out to at least one of those. Capice?

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Lords of Louisville.

It is a go. Last Communion will be playing its first show at everyone's favourite little record nook End Hits on January 28th. Oh ya, and the mighty Lords will be headlining. Bring some cash and buy their record Swords. It's a total mindblow. LastComm won't have any merch or anything, but we'll throw some shit together for consumption in the near future. Sunday, Jan 28th. 7pm. $8. Oh snap.