Wednesday, April 25, 2007

We thought we had it sussed.

After the Bouncing Souls/Strike Anywhere/The Loved Ones/Static Radio NJ show last night End Hits Records hosted an afterparty featuring the one and only Last Communion opening for a visibly exhausted but stoked-as-hell Loved Ones. The show was the fucking best time ever and we played what was undoubtedly our best set so far. Immediately afterwards, Hayden even vomited on the street, like a hobo. He was that excited...or that full of Kettleman's.
Mad thanks to End Hits again and to everyone who came out, and especially to The Loved Ones for making a lot of dudes' and chicks' night. Killer times. They were super nice dudes who were insanely appreciative about borrowing our gear. I was pumped to get to hang with Dave Hause and Dav from The Loved Ones/The Explosion (picture #3 up there) and Hayden even got to seriously nerd it up drum-style with TLO's Mike Sneeringer as pictured in last last shot above.
Nothing too exciting on the horizon just yet, but I think we're gonna try and swing some Toronto and Montreal shit soon enough, so check back with regularity.

Here's a video of us covering Husker Du's "The Girl Who Llives On Heaven Hill". It was immediately after this that Hayden hit the streets for a good purging. Thanks to the lovely Jessica Gilmore for recording it. What a fox.

Oh ya, check out the Red Dons. They're the new Observers band and they fucking destroy.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Take the manic ride.

So it looks like we got a somewhat ambiguous review in Toronto's 'EXCLAIM!' newspaper concerning our performance at the End Hits birthday bash. Did the dude who wrote it actually like our band? Who knows? Also, who gives a fuck? We're actually pretty pumped about it. We fucking destroyed that show and apparently did some serious aural damage at the same time. That's all we can hope for, isn't it? Some other bands played that day, too.
We're gonna try and line up some more rad shit for the summer months and hopefully put our collection of 2-minute masterpieces to tape, as well. It'll be a mind-bomb, naturally.
There's some Last Communion artwork in the works c/o our handsome friends at Doublenaut, so I'll post some of that shit when it's ready to roll. We should have some rudimentary merch at some point, too.
Until then, listen to Blitz, watch Pick of Destiny and save your pennies for our swag.