Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Something that may never come to you.

Yes, it's true, we covered 'Disconnected' by Face to Face. A risky move? Perhaps. The payoff? Mediocre at best. The 3 dudes singing along were pretty pumped, though. Orphan Choir were radical and seeing old Jim Meloche again was a lovely little treat, especially for Emmanuel who still gets misty-eyed at the mention of anything Windsor-related, particularly the rub & tugs. One time I got a Dirtbombs CD at Dr. Disc in Windsor for like $1 or something.
We're playing at End Hits yet again this Saturday, as we are now the End Hits house band. When it inevitably becomes an Irish pub we will regale you with Spirit of the West covers and perhaps a saucy rendition of 54-40's 'Ocean Pearl'. Until then you'll have to deal with anthemic punk jams.
Saturday March 10th, End Hits Anniversary Party. Be there at noon-ish or something.
Paul Galipeau is the fucking man. It's not up for debate.

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cp said...

though the cover did get us pretty pumped, the third song was the show-stealer. total bass assault.

dave plays his guitar upside down- strings and everything! what the fuck!?