Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Everyone's caving in.

We've just finished recording our first EP. 7 tracks of furious, occasionally sensitive, somewhat introspective, often fist-pump inspiring punk rock that will inevitably have toes a-tappin' and fingers a-poppin'. Or you'll just be all "Ya, it's cool. Yo, you hear that new Pissed Jeans?" No dude, I haven't. Regardless, we're quite pleased at how it turned out and many thanks to Jay for his expert knob-twiddling. Thanks to Andrew Carver at National Capital Rock for taking the above picture, as well.
Once mixing and shit is done I'll post a track or two for folks to lend an ear to. Still ironing out the details of how the record will be put out, but the gears are in motion, people.
No shows on the horizon just yet. There'll be something in July at some point, I'm sure.

Statues' "New People Make Us Nervous" is the fucking bees knees.

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