Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Hope in a sea of hopelessness.

Here you go world. The first taste of the five star meal that is the Last Communion EP.
What's that? You recognize this footage from different punk documentaries and such? Ya, I just spliced together some rad shit I had on the ol' DVD shelf over the song. I thought it'd be more interesting than an mp3.
Anyway, we hope you dig this shit. We're all smiles over the finished product. In a few days we'll send the songs off to the pressing plant so we can all hold that 7" gem in our hands together.

Hayden's relocating to Toronto this week, so wish him well if you see him. His moving won't affect Last Communion's existence - we'll just be jamming less frequently - so don't don't go spiralling into an irreparable depression or anything.

Emmanuel will be on tour with Buried Inside in the next couple of weeks, opening for the lovely gentlemen in Coliseum at various venues in Ontario & Quebec. Check that shit out. Hayden & I (Dave) will be there lifting shit and slinging BI swag, too.

Go see Radio Birdman.

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