Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ex-Mushroom Explosion!

It's been far too long. Moving & schooling & working & bullshit have been slight deterrents in the LC camp. However, now that shit has settled down a bit, we are ready to reclaim the limelight we briefly occupied before our lengthy (well, a month or two) hiatus. Since our last show we've done a 6 song record, one song which we've not played live yet and will be unveiling at The Fucking Machines' LP release show at the Dominion Tavern on September 29th. Note the flashy poster above. I know you'd planned on seeing Teenage Head that night but come on. Don't you think our show will be a bit more important in punk's magnificent chronology than seeing some Flaming Groovies-inspired Canadian punk icons for what'll likely be the last time? No, huh? Good call. Still, you can prolly see both.

So bring some money, buy a Fucking Machines LP, buy our CD, buy whatever Gunsmoke's selling, buy some delicious beers and have a swell time.

Oh ya, and buy the new Red Dons record 'Death to Idealism'. Seriously.

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